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When asked what was the best gym he’s ever been to, 5 time CrossFit Games Champion Matt Fraser said “XCEL FITNESS”

Matt Fraser – CrossFit Champion

I found my home gym!

Kelsey Wells – Sweat Trainer

Xcel is the perfect gym for somebody who wants to get a serious workout in with no judgment. When I’m in Utah I’m either at my home or at XCEL!

Louis Veto – Olympic Snowboarder

Classes For All Fitness Levels

At XCEL Fitness, we have something for everyone. From personal training to pilates and CrossFit to Barre, you will not be disappointed. We have friendly staff, highly qualified trainers, and a fantastic facility.

Weights, Cardio and Community
Whether it’s your first time working out or you’re just looking to change up your gym routine, CrossFit will benefit you. The C2X CrossFit coaching team provides dynamic workout classes that will increase your overall health and level of fitness. We won’t just build your physical strength but also your mental strength through a fun and inclusive community!
Low Impact, Challenging Workouts

Looking for something to up your overall athletic performance and health? Pilates is a great addition to every workout routine. From the elite athlete to the novice, Pilates teaches basic but challenging and effective movements for spine alignment, breath patterns, balance, stabilizer muscles, core stability and body awareness. It’s low impact and challenging!

For Your Body, Mind and Soul
Whether you’re looking to create long lean healthy muscle, create mobility and flexibility or simply zen out. We got you covered. Our yoga program has four different styles of mindfully sculpted classes taught by inspired, insightful instructors. To lead you into a deeper sense of body awareness and the key to a fit body and mind, your breath.

Team up with a professional to acheive your goals

Xcel has long been known as the go-to place for the best personal trainers. We have over 20 fitness professionals at Xcel to help guide you through your fitness journey. Many of our professionals have been at Xcel since its inception in 1999. Our educated and knowledgeable staff are always willing to sit down and help you develop and implement an effective fitness/lifestyle program

High Energy and Undeniably Fun
Love high energy and lots of people in class? Our group fitness classes are for you. Let our experienced instructors not only challenge you in class to get results but provide a fun and welcoming environment for you to succeed. Whatever style of class you are looking for we have it. Cycling, HIIT, High Fitness, Cardio Fuse, Body Combat, Body Pump, Barre, Core, Trx, Trekking, And Wyld. Come see what our group fitness program has to offer!

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Come in and see why people are calling XCEL Fitness the most advanced training facility in the Western United States. Hundreds of training programs and daily classes await you. Start your fitness journey or finally break through those plateaus, today.

At Xcel we are constantly striving to achieve a higher level of Xcellence.  Our goal as members of Team Xcel is to provide a phenomenal and consistent product to our member’s that inspires and excites them to recommend and promote our product to their families, friends, and communities.  The experience that our members enjoy is the combination of emotional, mental, and physical results.  We welcome you to make Xcel Fitness your gym!


Xcel fitness is honestly the best gym I have ever been to. I have tried other gyms in the past but I always came back to Xcel! The trainers and coaches always push me hard and are concerned about my growth and progress. All of the classes are great and every class I’ve been to has been amazing! I really recommend becoming a member here!”


The gym is always very clean and well maintained. They have also implemented great cleaning tools and tactics with COVID, ensuring that all of the equipment gets wiped down before and after each use. It has all of the equipment that you’d ever need. By far the best gym in Utah!”

Kennedy Shaver

“Xcel has been my gym since moving to Utah in 2000. The feeling of camaraderie, excellent and innovative equipment, amazing personal trainers, and an environment that promotes fitness education, keep me coming back. Thank you for 22 years of fun, fitness, and motivation!!!! This 64-year-old needs you.

Linda Jensen

Xcel is an incredible place to work out driven by a group of people looking to achieve similar fitness goals. I was brought to Xcel by General Manager Nick Fornelius who went out of his way to make me feel comfortable at my new gym. He leads an exceptional group of employees who all follow suit with positive energy and excitement.  Definitely won’t be switching gyms for a long time and would recommend Xcel to anyone looking for a great gym in the SLC area.

Kylar Segale

I’ve been hesitant to write a 5-star review because I want to keep this gem all to myself. Best gym I’ve been to in Utah. They keep it clean and the clientele always pick up their weights and do their part in keeping it clean. Equipment is kept in good condition, they have plenty of the Olympic lifting stations. It can get busy at certain times, but is big enough and has enough equipment that I’ve never find myself waiting in line for what I want to do. Staff are friendly. The epitome of ‘you get what you pay for’ but I prefer that because this gym is a very different crowd from what I experienced when I went to Vasa. I am very glad I make the switch.


Gym is impeccably cleaned and maintained. The equipment is in great condition. The gym owner is open to suggestions for new equipment. The staff is very friendly. I haven’t used a personal trainer, but I’ve gotten to know several of them, and they are very nice. myself Xcel has a much different community feel than other gyms I’ve been to. It is very welcoming and friendly.

Eli Pratt

Passing through and was looking for a gym for a day pass. Nick responded quickly & gave me the lowdown. The gym itself is amazing! I am an old school gym fan & XCEL has it all. Top notch Rogue equipment & a ton of workout options and stations! One of the best gyms I have ever visited!

John Bauer

I was a Division 1 athlete, thus had a best in class gym all through college dedicated specifically for athletes. It has been 18 years since I was fortunate to have access to that caliber of gym on a daily basis and I have always compared every gym to what I used to have access to. I walked into Xcel and was blown aways by the facility. It was set up like a division 1 college gym….yet was also very warm and welcoming for anyone from a weekend warrior to a Mom/Dad just trying to ensure their back doesn’t go out while they have two toddlers at home. I highly recommend Xcel.

Gordon Reid

Xcel Fitness is honestly the vest gym I have ever been to. I have tried other gyms in the past but I always came back to Xcel! The trainers and coaches always push me hard and are concerned about my growth and progress. All of the classes are great, and every class I’ve been to has been amazing! I really recommend becoming a member here!

Abby Orchard

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