At Xcel we are constantly striving to achieve a higher level of Xcellence.  Our goal as members of Team Xcel is to provide a phenomenal consistent product to our member’s that inspires and excites them to recommend and promote our product to their families, friends, and communities.  The experience that our members enjoy is the combination of emotional, mental, and physical results.  We welcome you to make Xcel Fitness your gym!


It’s not enough to just start with us.  Everyone comes through the door the first time with a goal… we will help you finish.


We invest in the best trainers, coaches, and instructors.  Our Team is second to none.  You will FEEL the difference.


We believe in being strong.  We believe in moving weight.  Strength carries over into our lives forever.


Trust is earned.  We give our valued members a fair and honest service.  Pricing is fixed with no “hidden” deals.  Everyone gets the same options.


People working together can accomplish amazing things.  Friendships, charity, motivation, and fun make up the Xcel Nation.


Being just like everyone else is boring.  We always keep things fresh and cutting edge.  When people catch up, you blow it up and start over.


You create what you put out there.  We smile and go the extra mile for our members.  Our members smile and create an amazing fun environment.


It’s okay to invest in yourself.  We only get one body to live in, take care of it, and you’ll be surprised how you can care for others.

You Deserve a personal trainer

Our certified Personal Trainers will help you see results fast. They will help drive you past stubborn plateaus and re-energize you as they personalize your workout. You will be challenged by our professionals—but they will go at your speed and your pace. Your first session is on us.


Gym is impeccably cleaned and maintained. The equipment is in great condition. The gym owner is open to suggestions for new equipment. The staff is very friendly. I haven’t used a personal trainer, but I’ve gotten to know several of them, and they are very nice. Xcel has a much different community feel than other gyms I’ve been to. It is very welcoming and friendly.

Eli Pratt

Xcel has been my favorite gym for over 20 years, and I’ve been to most of the gyms in the Salt Lake valley. It’s very clean, great inventory of equipment and classes, never too busy, and a friendly and helpful staff. I’ve trained with Jess for over six years and can’t recommend him highly enough. With an extensive background in yoga, kickboxing, and weight lifting, he adds a lot of variety and keeps things fresh and effective. I moved out of state a few years ago and had no issues canceling my membership, and joined immediately upon my return. Xcel is a quality gym with quality people.

Lisa Draper

Xcel fitness is honestly the best gym I have ever been to. I have tried other gyms in the past but I always came back to Xcel! The trainers and coaches always push me hard and are concerned about my growth and progress. All of the classes are great and every class I’ve been to has been amazing! I really recommend becoming a member here!

Abby Orchard

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