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I love Xcel Fitness. Thank You to ALL those who make Xcel Fitness the best gym community in Salt Lake City.
– J Bird!

The C2X CrossFit affiliate goal is to ensure that no one is left alone on their journey towards better fitness. C2X stands for “Commitment 2 Xcellence”, and we push ourselves each and every workout to achieve our very best! We love CrossFit and everything it stands for! The sense of community that drives CrossFit, propels people to new heights, goals, friendships, and ensures that they become a part of something bigger than themselves. You’re always welcome in our box!

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Commitment To Excellence C2X - Tue, Jun 25
Thorough Warm Up

10 Snow Angels Shoulders

10 Overhead throwdowns

10 Lateral Trunk Rotations

10 Hip Circles

10 Toe Touch/Back Extension

10 Knee Circles

10/10 Leg Swings side/front

10 Russian Baby Makers

10 Single Leg Glute bridge

10 Hanging scap circles

Push Press (10x2 OTM (work up))


Intervals Mad (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)


1:00 Cal Echo Bike

1:00 Burpee Chest To Bar

1:00 Push Jerk 115/75

2:00 Rest


Intended Stimulus-20+reps Rd

Commitment To Excellence C2X - Mon, Jun 24
Warm Up Redux+
every :15
Jumping Jacks
Air Squat
MTN Climber
Jump Squat
Plank series
Clean Pull (E3M 3x2 @ 85-90-95% )
Caution (Time)


Med Ball Clean 20/14




Intended Stimulus-12min

Commitment To Excellence C2X - Sun, Jun 23

Personal Training

Frequently asked questions

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program combining elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, and core training. Our goal? To help you achieve all-around fitness while having a blast!

How is a typical CrossFit class structured?

Each class typically includes a warm-up, a skill or strength segment, and the Workout of the Day (WOD). Expect variety, as every WOD is different, keeping things fresh and exciting!

Will CrossFit help me lose weight?

Definitely! The combo of intense workouts and varied exercises helps burn fat, build muscle, and boost metabolism. Pair this with a healthy diet, and you’re on your way to weight loss success!

Is CrossFit for me?

Absolutely! CrossFit is for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Workouts are scalable to suit your abilities, ensuring a challenging but achievable fitness regime.

Do I need to be fit to start CrossFit?

No experience required! CrossFit is designed to help you get fitter, no matter where you start. Come as you are, and we’ll support your journey to peak fitness.

What should I bring to my first CrossFit class?

Just bring yourself, a water bottle, and lots of enthusiasm! We’ll provide the equipment and the supportive community to help you crush your fitness goals.

Tailored Workouts

Every individual is unique, and so are our workouts. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, our expert coaches customize routines to match your fitness level and goals. Our programs are scalable, ensuring you get the most effective and safe workout every time.


Community-Driven Culture

Join a gym where community is at the heart of everything we do. Our members are more than just clients; they are family. Together, we celebrate victories, support each other through challenges, and foster a motivating environment that keeps you coming back.

Proven Results

With our combination of high-intensity workouts and dedicated coaching, you’ll see tangible results. From improved strength and endurance to better overall health, our approach guarantees progress. We track your performance and celebrate your milestones to keep you inspired and on track.



Personal Training


XCEL CrossFit

CLient Testimonials

I’ve been going to Xcel Fitness for around 2 years now. The actual gym is great, and C2X CrossFit is even better. Joe Fecker is a fantastic and knowledgeable CrossFit coach and has helped me improve so much since taking over as head coach. I also train with him 1 on 1 and work on weightlifting skills that have tremendously helped my lifts and allowed me to work with higher weights. The entire CrossFit staff – Joe, Kylee Turko, Gynelle Nevin, Chris McNerney, Nick Borden, Madeline Cook, etc. – are such fantastic coaches who truly care about the progress you’re making, cheer you on, and push you to be your best and try new things. It’s a great and welcoming environment and I highly recommend anyone who is looking to get into CrossFit or weightlifting to utilize the intelligent and incredible people at Xcel!

Anna Query

I have LOVED my experience working one-on-one with Joe Fecker. He is incredible at programming, coaching the Crossfit classes, AND he is also the most meticulous and passionate trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I was flatlined with all my Olympic movements- but 1-2 private sessions with Joe completely changed my techniques and instantly fixed many of the issues I had struggled with for years. He has also given me a large amount of accessory work to complete outside of training that has fixed my posture, my hip mobility, and has fixed bad lifting habits that could have led to injury in the long run. When I am coached by him I feel completely safe to try more difficult movements because of his high attention to detail, skill, and overall friendly space he provides. If you are looking for a coach for mobility, a skilled olympic lifting coach, or If you are considering checking out this gym for Crossfit, look no further. I would give Joe a 10 star rating- absolutely has exceeded all of my expectations while also being extremely fun and friendly to talk to.

Deanna Smith

Most versatile facility you will find in Utah. Whether its weightlifting, yoga, pilates, crossfit,spin, there is an endless bound of fitness capacity here. Everyone starting from the staff on is friendly and passionate about making you a better person. Highly recommend Xcel to any person of any fitness level.

Devon Dodge

We were super impressed with the cleanliness of the gym and all the options available. They have yoga, CrossFit, pilates, high fitness, etc.; anything you could ever want in a gym! The staff is always friendly and extremely helpful. Highly recommend!

Nicole Sohm

My wife and I have been going here for just over a year now and it has been fantastic. The staff is nice and know that I do crossfit when I come in and so they check me into class. Management has been nothing but friendly. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone who is near by

Nicholas Hayter

Lindsay is the best! Anytime I need an IV she is there to help get my immune system back on track 🙂 I wake up feeling amazing!

Marae W.