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At Xcel we are constantly striving to achieve a higher level of Xcellence.  Our goal as members of Team Xcel is to provide a phenomenal consistent product to our member’s that inspires and excites them to recommend and promote our product to their families, friends, and communities.  The experience that our members enjoy is the combination of emotional, mental, and physical results.  We welcome you to make Xcel Fitness your gym!




Hey there! I’ve been a neighbor to Xcel since it first opened its doors, but it took until 2019 for me to finally venture inside – and boy, am I glad I did! Now, Xcel isn’t just a venue; it’s practically a second home for me and my family. There’s just something magical about the Xcel experience that keeps us coming back for more. Thrilled to be part of the Xcel team, where every day feels like a new adventure!

Mike Rosas

Head of Personal Training

Mike Rosas started his coaching career in 2001, one year after the opening of Xcel Fitness.  Specializing in Strength and Conditioning at the Collegiate level carried over nicely to the programming and training of youth and adult athletes.

AShley Porter


I have been with Xcel Fitness since August 2001. I have worked in many different capacities at the the gym and have a very clear knowledge of the vision and goals of Xcel Fitness.


Tyler Simper

Tyler is a highly motivated fitness and sports performance specialist with over ten years of experience training and coaching…

James Newmann

I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1999 and I’ve seen a lot of trends/fads come and go. I believe that it is important to adopt changes…

Matt Gluckman

Matt Gluckman is a dedicated Personal Trainer and Life Coach. He has 3 years of formal experience training clients and coaching their nutritional…

Jess ekenstam

Jess has been in the fitness industry since 2000 and has been educated of almost every facet of fitness.  Jess has been educated…

Dayton Smith

I’m a movement and health enthusiast that enjoys helping others through cultivating relationships. I’ve been an athlete my whole life and…


With a background in kinesiology, I am fascinated with how to optimize movement of the body and performance…

Gynelle Nevin

I have watched the industry go in every which direction possible over my 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry.  I have built my knowledge on…

Marci Bradley

I have always had a passion for fitness from a young age. As a competitive swimmer, diver, cross country runner and soccer player my love…

Justin Olsen

Justin has been in the fitness industry since 2013 and personal training since 2015.  Specializing in corrective exercise, weight loss, and strength…


With more than 15 years of experience as a massage therapist and a love for training, I have found a love for the complimentary benefits of strength training and…


Jenni is a women’s health and wellness coach with over ten years of experience in the fitness industry both here…


I’m an avid outdoorsman and former collegiate athlete originally from Princeton, MN. I started training clients in 1999 as a certified trainer…


I am a functional strength trainer with al lifelong background in athletic and education in Kinesiology/Exercise Science…


As a professional trainer over the past 16 years, my mission has always been to share the benefits of fitness with my community…


Putting consistent physical activity and nutrition components together changed my life, and allowed me to achieve and surpass…


I’ve been in a gym setting most of my life. Power training and nutrition have changed my life!


Guy is a competitive snowboarder, an NCAA Soccer Player, and is trained in the art of Jiu Jitsu…

You Deserve a personal trainer

Our certified Personal Trainers will help you see results fast. They will help drive you past stubborn plateaus and re-energize you as they personalize your workout. You will be challenged by our professionals—but they will go at your speed and your pace. Your first session is on us.


Gym is impeccably cleaned and maintained. The equipment is in great condition. The gym owner is open to suggestions for new equipment. The staff is very friendly. I haven’t used a personal trainer, but I’ve gotten to know several of them, and they are very nice. Xcel has a much different community feel than other gyms I’ve been to. It is very welcoming and friendly.

Eli Pratt

Xcel has been my favorite gym for over 20 years, and I’ve been to most of the gyms in the Salt Lake valley. It’s very clean, great inventory of equipment and classes, never too busy, and a friendly and helpful staff. I’ve trained with Jess for over six years and can’t recommend him highly enough. With an extensive background in yoga, kickboxing, and weight lifting, he adds a lot of variety and keeps things fresh and effective. I moved out of state a few years ago and had no issues canceling my membership, and joined immediately upon my return. Xcel is a quality gym with quality people.

Lisa Draper

Xcel fitness is honestly the best gym I have ever been to. I have tried other gyms in the past but I always came back to Xcel! The trainers and coaches always push me hard and are concerned about my growth and progress. All of the classes are great and every class I’ve been to has been amazing! I really recommend becoming a member here!

Abby Orchard

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