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Come in and see why people are calling XCEL Fitness the most advanced training facility in the Western United States. Hundreds of training programs and daily classes await you. Start your fitness journey or finally break through those plateaus, today.

At Xcel we are constantly striving to achieve a higher level of Xcellence.  Our goal as members of Team Xcel is to provide a phenomenal and consistent product to our member’s that inspires and excites them to recommend and promote our product to their families, friends, and communities.  The experience that our members enjoy is the combination of emotional, mental, and physical results.  We welcome you to make Xcel Fitness your gym!

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At XCEL Fitness, we have something for everyone. From personal training to pilates and CrossFit to Barre, you will not be disappointed. We have friendly staff, highly qualified trainers, and a fantastic facility.

HIIT / Total body

Come get a boot camp style workout in our Total body conditioning class. A combination of weightlifting, body weight and athletic strength and conditioning movements will have you crushing your goals and breaking through your plateaus!

reformer pilates

Group REFORMER PILATES is an upbeat and vigorous workout combining a variety of strengthening and lengthening exercises. The Reformer is a piece of equipment on which the client exercises with a moving carriage, attached to large springs for resistance. You will build core strength, increase flexibility, coordination, improve posture and create long, lean muscles. Recommended by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.


This is a heated Power Vinyasa class set to great music. Learn to connect breath to movement and thought to action through a specific sequence of breath-synchronized movements. As well as find stillness and balance with extended static holds. The design of this dynamic and vigorous class will stimulate your mind and body and improve strength, flexibility, power and focus. This is an energizing, fun and inspirational class where you will tap into your deepest potential and push the limits of what is possible.


The C2X CrossFit affiliate goal is to ensure that no one is left alone on their journey towards better fitness. C2X stands for “Commitment 2 Xcellence”, and we push ourselves each and every workout to achieve our very best! We love CrossFit and everything it stands for! The sense of community that drives CrossFit, propels people to new heights, goals, friendships, and ensures that they become a part of something bigger than themselves. You’re always welcome in our box!


Enjoy a ballet barre style workout with one of our licensed instructors. This class is set to music and combines dance, ballet barre, some light weights, and a lot of lower body strength and conditioning movements.


Xcel fitness is honestly the best gym I have ever been to. I have tried other gyms in the past but I always came back to Xcel! The trainers and coaches always push me hard and are concerned about my growth and progress. All of the classes are great and every class I’ve been to has been amazing! I really recommend becoming a member here!”


The gym is always very clean and well maintained. They have also implemented great cleaning tools and tactics with COVID, ensuring that all of the equipment gets wiped down before and after each use. It has all of the equipment that you’d ever need. By far the best gym in Utah!”

Kennedy Shaver

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