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Larry Restvedt


 I was born and raised in the beautiful little town of Ennis, Montana where I grew up working with my family in our butcher shop and endured long winters and amazing summers. I always enjoyed cutting meat, lifting heavy things and the reward of manual labor. I also was always the chubby kid and constantly imagined myself looking and feeling better. I watched my dad and grandpa train when I was very young, and later on, we were fortunate to have a home gym where I watched my brother train and started myself when I was 15. I’ve been consistently training for 16 years, and have been a professional coach for 5 years. 

Stemming from basketball, work and many years of postural imbalances, the last 12 years I’ve fought back, knee, shoulder and hip injuries. Through my love of fitness and overall improvement (and tired of being in pain), I became a strength and movement coach. I’ve reached a point where I no longer need the quick fix at the doctor or another dose of pain pills. That, mainly, is what I would love for my clients to learn. To move to the best of their abilities, feel better in their own bodies and live a long, pain-free life. 

I specialize in functional movement, strength training, and pain management/rehab. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone have a breakthrough, whether physical or emotional. Anyone is capable of being and doing more. If you can truly commit to you, I’ll be there every step of the way. 

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Certified Funcional Strength Coach I+II



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Xcel fitness is honestly the best gym I have ever been to. I have tried other gyms in the past but I always came back to Xcel! The trainers and coaches always push me hard and are concerned about my growth and progress. All of the classes are great and every class I’ve been to has been amazing! I really recommend becoming a member here!”


The gym is always very clean and well maintained. They have also implemented great cleaning tools and tactics with COVID, ensuring that all of the equipment gets wiped down before and after each use. It has all of the equipment that you’d ever need. By far the best gym in Utah!”

Kennedy Shaver




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Mon – Fri : 4:30am – 9pm

Sat: 6 am – 8pm

Sun: 8am – 2pm

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