Welcome to the commitment to excellence C2X program! I am grateful to be here, and excited to offer C2X exclusive programming. At times you’ll walk out of the gym and think “wow, thats all?” and other days “I think Joe has lost his mind” and it’s beautiful because both things can be true. Those tough days are needed, as well as thelower volume days. Health and fitness are one and the same. We want you to be as fit and healthy as possible, while also being able to enjoy your every day life, and using that body outside of the gym as well. Functionally strong, and fit folks is what this program is about. Trust your coaches, we’re here to guide, and help any way we can. If you should need additional help, or programming, just reach out. Here to be of service.

This program is VERY potent fitness. Trust the RPE recommendations and pay attention to those stimulus recommendations.These also aren’t beyond necessary modifications for the individual. This program will follow the standard universal rest day of the average gym goer. You will see monostructuralslow and low days mixed with some Body By Joe bodybuilding stuff to enhance performance, and aid in recovery.

This message could go on and on. Pay attention to your fundamentals, listen to your body, think longevity,think of every day astraining as a practice, anopportunity to improve, and this program will unlock a lot of hidden potential. Looking forward to watching you guys all crush it. Let’s set some goals!

My best

-Coach Joe

C2X CrossFit – Commitment To Excellence C2X

Barbell Warm Up (No Measure)

3Rds for perfection
3Reps each (Start With PVC Pipe if needed)
Hang Power Clean
Overhead squat
Row 2:00 prior to barbell warm up

Deadlift (2:00 Max Rep Set
Optional Loading

This is an unbroken set. No amountof reps is more important than your positioning and health. Stay neutral, use a load that you’re able to maintain the points of performance throughout.

Loaded Cindy (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


(Use a vest if available)

Run 200m

10 Pull Ups

20 Push Up

30 ASQ

Intended stimulus 5-8Rds