Join us Saturday the 23rd at 8a and 9a for our Ugly Christmas Sweater and 12 Days Of Fitmas workout!!

C2X CrossFit – Commitment To Excellence C2X

Hinshaw Runners Warm Up (No Measure)

High knee karaoke
Hurdle step over
High knee grab
Pigeon High knee foot grab
Lunge stretch up arms
Lunge Torso twist
High toe touch opposite arm/leg
High knee then lean torso
Butt kick then lean and go
Straight leg drill
Lateral slide
Shuffle jumping jack
Seated elbow drive
Standing elbow drive -down and back 90deg
Heel walk/toe walk/blade walk/inside foot
Chop step running
4 Shuttles to 24’ and back

Partner Up (Time)


20 Partner med Ball Toss (together)

20 Med ball rotational slams (on wall share work)

20 Burpee Pull Up (share work)

20 Cal Bike (both)

20 Synchro T2B

20 American KBS 70/53 (both)
In “both” both partners do the work, but don’t work at the same time. In “share” accumulate the total together but not at the same time.

Synchro at the same time, accumulate that number together.