The CrossFit Games Open 24 starts Feb 29th! If you want to test your fitness this year, sign up at It’s gonna be great, always is!

C2X CrossFit – Commitment To Excellence C2X

Bear Crawl Warm Up (No Measure)

Run 50’/Lunge 50’
Run 50’/Bear Crawl 50’
Run 50’/Crabwalk 50’
Run 50’/Inchworm 50’

Recovered! (Distance)


3:00 Run/Bike/Row/ski RPE 5-6

:30 L Sit

3:00 Run/Bike/Row/ski RPE 5-6

100’ KB Front Rack Walk (heavyish)

3:00 Run/Bike/Row/ski RPE 5-6

100’ Heavy Bag or Stone Hug Carry
Choose any monostructural movement for the 3:00 times. Vary your intensity throughout if you choose, but aim to keep the heart rate relatively low. Enjoy and gratitude for being able to move this body. 💪🙏