Join us Saturday the 23rd at 8a and 9a for our Ugly Christmas Sweater and 12 Days Of Fitmas workout!!

C2X CrossFit – Commitment To Excellence C2X

Shoulder Boulder Warm Up (No Measure)

Row/Bike/Jog 2:00
10/10/10 Shoulder raises front side overhead (light plates)
20 High plank jump out/ins
5/5 Perfect Stretch
:20 Hang
:20 Handstand hold
:20 Jumping Jacks

Strict N Kip (Time)


4 Strict deficit HSPU 6”/4”

8 Kipping deficit HSPU 6/4

16 DB Box Step Overs 50/35 24/20
RPE 7-8

Intended Stimulus 12-15min

Power Clean (12×2 OTM work up )

Work up to an RPE 8-9