Plenty of people have their mind set on getting a six-pack, but there’s a host of debates surrounding the most effective way to get one. Unfortunately, even if you’re working out every day with hundreds of reps, doing the wrong type of exercise won’t get you the six-pack you desire anytime soon. 

So how can you work towards that dream physique and implement some workout routines that will get you that six-pack? First, of course, getting a six-pack requires some focused workouts – here are our five favorite activities to do so you can be on your way to getting one: 

Plank Row 

This move allows you to maintain tension in your entire body. Set out as you normally would do a plank, and don’t drop your hips at any moment. Add dumbbells in your hands to a regular plank which will give you an anti-rotation element and keep your body tense. Lift each arm up and alternate with stabilized hips. Attempt to tense your body for as long as possible – it’s a good idea to visualize a glass of water that can’t spill on your back as you perform this one! 

Cable Crunch 

Using a vertical cable machine, get on your knees and pull the cable so that your elbows are getting as close to your knees as possible. By tensing your abs during this exercise, you’ll be able to get enough tension to build your muscle – this workout generally requires a low amount of reps since it’s one of the more intense ab workouts, so be sure not to overstrain yourself! 

Ab Wheel 

The ab wheel is a popular workout device that is excellent for ab exercises! To use the ab wheel properly, get onto your knees, keep a neutral spine, and roll yourself down towards the ground with your arms vertical and your hands firmly on the grips. Ensure your spine stays neutral, as this workout is unsafe when done improperly! 

Hanging Leg Raise 

Using a pull-up bar, lift your legs or knees towards your head – this workout is great as you immediately strengthen and tighten your core just by hanging. Combined with the repeated leg and knee raises, you’ll improve your core and grip strength since you’ll be fighting the urge to swing from the position! 

Farmers Carry

With a dumbbell in each hand, maintain a firm posture with your back wide and your arms straight down, and walk as if you were not holding a dumbbell at all. Keep your core tense and walk slowly around. You can also do a different mode of this workout by dropping one of the dumbbells and lifting your knees in alternating order. 

The aim is to keep your posture firm and stable – not only does this workout improve your core strength, but it will also be a great way to improve your posture! This workout is very popular with Hollywood stars since it brings so many benefits within one simple activity.