More is always better…right? Everyone wants more money, more time, and more friends. But is training abs more going to yield better results?

Well, when it comes to training abs, more isn’t exactly better. In fact, training your abs every day can actually be detrimental to your goal of having a shredded core. 

What do the experts say about training abs every day? Let’s take a look.

How Often Should I Train Abs?
According to certified trainers, the best pattern for training abs is doing specific abdominal workouts twice or three times per week. This may seem like a drastic cut from what you’ve been doing if you’ve been training abs every day. 

However, you need to remember that your abs aren’t immune to the need for rest that all of your muscles experience. Allowing your abs to recover and rebuild between targeted workouts is crucial to gaining strength.

It’s also imperative to remember that you utilize your abdominals in every other exercise you do. Therefore, regardless of whether it is specifically for your abs, your workout routine will strengthen your core if you perform each exercise properly. 
Now that you know how often to train abs let’s look at how to train them. 

Quality Over Quantity 
You have most likely heard the expression “quality over quantity,” and it holds true regarding training abs. If you desire to develop a strong core, it is more important to focus on the types of exercises you are choosing than the amount of time you spend training your abs. This will also help to prevent injury. 

Rather than overworking your abs by targeting them every day, you can allow them to have proper breakdown and buildup through the exercises that you select and the rest time that you have in between performing these exercises.

When you are deciding on which exercises to do, remember the importance of diversifying your workout routine and making sure that you are targeting each part of your abdomen on a different day. 

It is also critical that you warm up and cool down properly in order to get the most out of your workouts. You can warm up your abs before every workout that you do, considering that you are utilizing your abs in every workout (even the ones that don’t specifically target abs). 

Adding some planks, side planks, or hollow holds to your warm-up routine will allow your abdominals to be properly stretched and ready to go for the main event. 

Training your body, specifically, your abs will ensure safety as you work out. It will also allow you to build a stronger core at a steady pace. Plus, you’ll get that shredded look that so many of us are after. 

Bear in mind that safety is a priority in the gym. Remember to stretch, do your best to perform each exercise correctly, and have fun! You’ll be showing off your abs in no time.