With the advent of smartwatches, step trackers, and fitness apps, the western world has become step-obsessed in the past few years! As a result, it’s now easier than ever to track how many steps you’ve taken on any given day so you can keep on top of your physical activity.

Getting your steps in is a great way to improve your physical health without intensive workout routines – perfect for the busy individual who may not have time to stick to a workout regimen. But just what is the number of steps you should be getting in a day? Here’s all the details you need to know about the latest research: 

What the Experts Say 

You’ve probably heard of the rule of thumb that states 10,000 steps a day is perfect for maintaining your physical health – but is there any scientific backing to this number? The good news is researchers have confirmed that 10,000 steps are, in fact, the golden number of steps you should aim to achieve in a day. 

This number was decided upon when experts analyzed the data of over 75,000 people who wore fitness trackers and compared their daily step average with their health in seven years’ time. The studies showed that those who reached a 10,000-step daily average were less likely to develop diseases and issues such as dementia, heart disease, or cancer – they also tended to have a lower mortality rate. 

The research also found that the pace of walking also affected future health outcomes: Those who tended to walk faster had better health in seven years than those who took leisurely strolls, so steps might not be the only thing keeping you healthy! 

What If I Can’t Reach 10,000 steps? 

Despite the fact that walking is the easiest form of exercise, some people may not have the time or energy to get in 10,000 steps every day due to the nature of their lifestyle – the good news is, any amount of steps is better than none! 

For every 2000 steps you take, you decrease your likelihood of death by 8 to 11 percent – that means even if you can’t reach the illustrious 10,000-step benchmark every day, you should at least try to get in as many as possible to improve your health. It’s said that just 3,800 daily steps can reduce the likelihood of dementia by up to 25% percent, so sufficed to say that every step counts!


So, there you have it! For any avid step tracker, whether it be through a smartwatch or your phone – 10,000 steps a day is the holy grail to achieve. If you can’t work 10,000 a day in, at least try to get as many steps in as possible throughout the day since any amount of steps is better than no steps! 

Remember to try and take brisk walks instead of leisurely strolls if you want to get the most effectiveness out of your steps – by following these simple steps; you can decrease your chances of death and disease and lead a healthier lifestyle in the process!