Protein is a key component of anyone’s diet, but a question we often receive is how much protein is really needed. Keep reading to discover the amount of protein you need to consume each day and the top ways to add more protein into your diet.


Why Do We Need to Eat Protein?

Protein is essential to maintain good health, and it offers a source of nitrogen to repair and build tissues. High protein diets can help to improve your muscle function, especially as you age and begin to lose muscle mass. Every cell in our bodies needs protein to thrive, and it is critical for strong bones and good skin, hair, and nails. When you don’t consume enough protein, it can impact how every part of your body functions. However, too much protein also brings about its own risks, such as an increased chance of osteoporosis. By finding the right amount of protein for your body weight and exercise levels, you’ll be able to ensure you offer your body everything it needs to thrive and repair itself.


How Much Protein Should You Eat Each Day?

The amount of protein you need to consume each day is based on your body weight. It’s recommended that you eat roughly 0.8 grams of protein for each kilogram of your body weight. For the average male, this is roughly 56 grams each day, whereas for females, this would drop down to 46 grams. Keep in mind that one eight-ounce beef serving would offer you 61 grams of protein. This just goes to show that most of us are already consuming enough protein in our diets without really trying. Of course, if you aren’t a meat-eater or follow a plant-based diet, you’ll need to think more carefully about your protein sources to ensure you are offering your body the fuel it needs.


The Top Protein Sources to Add to Your Diet

For anyone who thinks they aren’t reaching the recommended amount of protein each day, there are plenty of ways to add more protein into your diet. Fish, meats, eggs, and dairy products are the most common products with protein. However, for a plant-based diet, look to eat more nuts, quinoa, and broccoli. While there are dozens of great natural sources of protein, you might also want to think about adding a protein supplement to your diet. This is an easy way to consume more protein before or after a workout to give your muscles the extra energy boost they need.

The amount of protein you consume daily will be dependent on your body weight, the amount you train, and whether you are trying to build muscle. By following the guidelines above, you have a rough idea of the amount of protein you need to eat each day. With so many different protein sources to choose from, you can easily start adding more protein to your diet. It’s a critical part of a healthy eating routine and will ensure your body remains healthy and strong for many years to come.