Warming up before you work out is possibly the most crucial segment of time that you’ll spend in the gym. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a gym newbie, you need to warm up prior to your workout. 

Not only does warming up help prevent you from getting injured during your training, but it also ensures that you’ll get the most benefits out of your workout. If that sounds like a result you’d like to see, keep reading! 

Do I Need to Create a Warm-Up Routine?

Creating a warm-up routine may feel like a waste of time. You’re thinking, “Why do I need to plan my warm-up? It’s not actually part of the workout!” However, if you’re serious about building muscle, you need to do so sustainably and safely. 

Warming up your muscles prior to the start of your workout is the way to do this. So, it’s crucial to have a planned-out routine for your warm-up. Improvisation isn’t the way to go. 

How to Create a Warm-Up Routine

Keep things simple as you’re creating a warm-up routine. Your main goal in warming up is to get your muscles warm and ready for more intense movements. 

In order to create a warm-up routine that will prepare your body for muscle building, you want to ensure that you hit each muscle group. Including jumping jacks, side and forward leg swings, and arm rotations will help to loosen up your entire body. 

In addition to warming up your whole body, another critical step to creating a warm-up routine is utilizing dynamic exercises. Rather than performing static stretches that hold your muscles in one place, you want to use dynamic movements that will keep your body in motion. 

Dynamic Exercises to Add to Your Warm-Up Routine

Now that we know why it’s necessary to create a warm-up routine let’s talk specifics. Below are three dynamic movements to add to your warm-up routine that’ll keep you building muscle like a pro. 

Jumping Jacks 

Jumping jacks are possibly one of the most dynamic warm-up movements out there. Including each muscle group in the work of jumping and scissoring your arms and legs, jumping jacks make the perfect warm-up exercise. An ideal rep window for this movement is anywhere between 25 and 50.

Leg Swings 

Wonderful for warming up your lower body, leg swings can be performed both side-to-side and facing forward. In fact, you should utilize both of these positions in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Perform ten reps for each leg in each position. 

Arm Rotations 

We don’t want your upper body to feel left out after all those leg swings! Arm rotations are versatile, can be performed standing or in a seated position, and both rotate forward and backward. Start in one direction and rotate for one minute. Then, switch to the opposite direction and repeat. 

Remember, creating an efficient warm-up routine is the key to success. Now get out there and get moving!