During the COVID-19 pandemic, gyms across the globe were forced to close to ensure workers and attendees’ safety. Now, as we are beginning to move back toward a state of general public health, in-person gyms are making a comeback. 

However, statistics state that only 15 percent of those in the United States who participate in regular exercise feel that the digitization of exercise platforms during the pandemic has ended their need for in-person gyms. 

Let’s look over why this might be.

The Benefits of In-Person Gyms
If you’re a parent, you’ll probably be able to relate to the concept of going to an in-person gym being an escape. However, even if you aren’t a parent, you most likely recognize that going to the gym can be a way to relieve the stress of one’s “real life” circumstances. 

Whether you are getting away from your workplace, taking a break from housework, or simply looking for a mental escape, going to an in-person gym provides this so that working out from home does not. 

In addition to this, many of those who visit an in-person gym regularly see this trip out of the house as an opportunity to be around other humans. Whether you enjoy socializing at the gym or simply keep to yourself, being surrounded by people is a necessity to ward off feelings of loneliness. 

Attending an in-person gym may also be the only time you get to leave your house each day if you are still working remotely. 
Going to the gym in person also provides additional motivation to work out. If you are exercising at home, you may not feel as motivated to continue your workout as if you were working out in a room full of others who are also pushing themselves to become better versions of themselves. 

While there are also benefits to working out from home, many of the positives of going to an in-person gym simply cannot be simulated from home. 

The Role of Exercise in Mental Health
While in-person gyms had to close during the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health facilities had to stay open and saw a dramatic influx of patients. The pandemic saw an increase in loneliness, depression, and suicide rates. 

Studies show that regular exercise can help minimize these numbers. Our mental health is positively impacted when we go to the gym. Therefore, those who have been struggling with their mental health have started going to in-person gyms in order to feel happier, healthier, and less lonely. 

The importance of having a routine also cannot be over-emphasized. This is not only helpful for those who are struggling acutely with their mental health but for all people. Routines help us to feel safe, secure and comforted. Going to an in-person gym creates a pattern that we can commit to. 

At the end of the day, there’ll always be in-person gyms because they are necessary for a healthily functioning society. So create a gym membership today to find out how these benefits can impact you personally. You’ll be glad you did.