If one of your new year’s resolutions is to train more regularly, you’ll want to find the right playlist to motivate you throughout your workout. Today we’re going to share some of the top Spotify playlists for all music tastes to help keep you going during even the toughest training sessions.


Beast Mode

For those days where you need some serious motivation for your workout, check out this Beast Mode playlist. It will help to get your mind focused on the task ahead, and there’s a great variety of sounds throughout the playlist. You’ll listen to tunes from Snoop Dogg, The Jacka, Amerie, and much more, and you’ll find that it guides you through to your cool down and stretch at the end of the session.


Yoga Acoustics

Even if you aren’t doing a yoga workout, this Yoga Acoustics Spotify playlist is a great option for anyone who prefers something a little more mellow for their exercise sessions. You’ll find that the meditative feeling of this playlist will help you to unwind after a stressful day, which is something we all need to do in this day and age. Use this playlist for your next stretching session or for a gentle hike outdoors.


CrossFit 2022

CrossFit 2022 is the perfect playlist for anyone who enjoys this type of workout. You’ll find the music here will help to motivate you through even the most challenging of sessions. If you are hoping to smash your PBs this year, you need to make sure you have a good soundtrack to keep you going in the gym. Have this Spotify playlist saved and ready to go for your next CrossFit session, and you’ll notice a huge improvement in your mood and overall performance.


HIIT Workout

There’s no denying that HIIT workouts can be particularly challenging to keep motivated during. However, this HIIT Workout playlist is one of our top Spotify playlists for anyone who is struggling to find the enthusiasm to get their training session done. We recommend playing a couple of the songs on your drive to the gym, and you’ll arrive feeling ready to tackle your workout to the best of your ability.


Marathon Motivation

Keen runners know how important music is to get through those endless training miles. If your workout of choice is running or you’ve signed up for a marathon this year, listen to Marathon Motivation to get you through the endless training sessions that are needed. The music is the perfect tempo for long-distance running, making it one of the best Spotify playlists for runners of all experience levels.

After finding the top Spotify playlists for your preferred type of workout, you’ll find that you arrive at the gym with more enthusiasm on even your most tiring days. Music is such a powerful tool for training, so make sure you always have your phone and headphones with you, ready to push yourself to the limit during your training sessions this year.