When people over the age of 50 are looking to build muscle, many of them ask a similar question: “Is it even possible?” 
To that, I say, “Absolutely!” 

Building muscle after 50 may feel daunting. After all, you are no longer in your prime years for testosterone production. In addition to this, past injuries may begin to reappear in the form of aches and pains, and your muscles will also have shrunk as you have aged. 

However, none of these factors make building muscle after 50 impossible. Rather, they simply make it more of a challenge, and who doesn’t love a good double-dog dare?
Should I Focus on Building Muscle After 50?
Not only is building muscle after 50 possible but it is also encouraged by health experts. For many in their younger years, desiring to build muscle is driven by appearance. However, for those interested in building muscle after 50, the focus should be on your body’s function and health. 

Building muscle after 50 will allow you to continue to do the activities you love well into your older years. Keeping up with your grandchildren, playing sports, and general processes necessary for daily living, such as climbing the stairs and bending down, will all become easier as you build muscle. 

Being able to carry out these physical movements with less pain or soreness will lead to a higher quality of life. 
It will better equip you to live a life that you enjoy as you build muscle and live a longer life. Studies show that those who build muscle after 50 experience less terminal disease and have greater natural protection against conditions such as osteoporosis and depression.

Difficulties of Building Muscle After 50
While there are many benefits to building muscle after 50, there are a few challenges that you should be aware of as well. Don’t let these challenges stop you; instead, acknowledge them in order to better fight against them. 

By the age of 50, a great number of people experience some form of ailment. Whether that be arthritis, joint pain, or inflammation, these conditions make lifting weights more difficult. In addition to this, people over the age of 50 are more susceptible to injury. 

So, what can you do to prevent these issues from stopping you from building muscle after 50? 
First, be sure to discuss your exercise plan with your doctor. If you have a chronic condition, make sure that it is under control prior to beginning your muscle-building plan. 

To prevent injury, ensure that you stretch properly before and after lifting weights. Performing each exercise slowly and carefully can also help to lower your risk of injury. To make sure that you are not overworking your muscles, pause for one minute between each set of each exercise. 

Train no more than twice a week, leaving at least two days in between each workout. This will afford you proper time for your muscles to recover and rebuild. 

When you are ready, start taking steps in preparation to begin working out. Building muscle after 50 is an investment that everyone can make in order to live a long and healthy life. It is possible, and it is worthwhile!